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Helping our Environment

We are committed to making the event as sustainable as possible and to minimise the event’s environmental impact as we work towards a Zero Waste to Landfill event for the future. These are some of the ways we are eliminating waste and reducing the environmental impact of the event in 2025 and beyond however we do need your help.

We are partnered with John Muir Trust for 2025 giving runners the option when they register online to choose to donate to their Wild Woods & Peatlands Appeal instead of receiving their official finisher’s t-shirt.

Recycling and general waste bins are provided at the race starts, water stations and at the finish. Please do not litter anywhere along the race routes and take care to put your waste in the correct bin. It is a privilege to run through Inverness and we encourage all runners and everyone coming to the event to dispose of their rubbish responsibly and recycle where possible.

Our aim is to minimise single-use plastic and recycle as much waste as possible from the event, from paper cups to the packaging and delivery of event items, such as medals, t-shirts, branding and more.

All four water stations along the half marathon route and at the finish line use recyclable paper cups.

We re-use as many event items as possible from year to year, such as signage, branding, and marshal bibs.

We ensure all surplus food, water and discarded clothing is collected for reuse, recycling or donated to local charities and food banks. Any remaining race t-shirts are donated to charity, local schools and sports groups.

We encourage all participants, spectators and volunteers living or staying in Inverness to consider walking or cycling to the event; those coming from further afield are encouraged to use public transport or car share wherever possible.

We are committed to using local suppliers and contractors for the event and buy all supplies locally, wherever possible and we order only what is necessary to reduce waste.

All our event communications with runners and volunteers is digital from registering online and communication via our website, email or social media, thus reducing printing and paper waste. No leaflets or paper will be handed out at the event.

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